Thursday, August 24, 2006

Magic Flowers

Edith's (NJ) Magic Flowers
(plus) Luci's (Georgia) watercolor of Tulips
(plus) Helen's Mountain
The Blue Ball Pipe, Malvern Hills, Hororata, New Zealand
(plus) (Florida) Anita'sDaffodil Principle
Pasqualina Azzarella, NY
New York Times story, "Tulips and 2 by 4s"
How the creative process has flowed through my life recently via computer influence!
Edith (Old Bridge, born in Trinidad) told me to write this down.
I have been writing it down.
It is all in pieces on the web site.
So, now thanks to Edith's nudge, I will try and move it all together, slipping the pieces into place to illustrate the converging currents flowing through my days.
Not so long ago, my former husband (20 sum years and 4 children, almost bled to death.)

This is opportunity that calls for a gesture.
So, off I went to Edith's garden for some especially magic flowers.
Edith, and I following, carefully filling a vase with Coxcomb, Yarro, Marigolds, Mountain Mint, Lavender and Zebra Grass.
Then, off to the hospital.
get out..
feeling very beautiful getting out,
carrying the flowers.
Entering the hospital and up elevators and down halls, with necks turning
and people's eyes opening wide
as these flowers are "different".

So flowers are on my mind.
That same day my friend Luci called me to complain that I had made a mistake and put her image of a watercolor of Tulips into a story about Daffodils.
Would I please remove it promptly!
So, I am talking with Luci (who is calling me from Georgia) on the phone
(Luci will be 90)
As I am talking to her on the phone, I am deftly removing Luci's Tulips,
leaving the web page about the Daffodil Story plain and blank.
Sigh...I like flowers, but their names don't stick too firmly in my head
..a Rose is a Rose is a Daffodil is a Tulip...whatever!
So, in the back of my mind is a color depleted web page with a great story.
That is about when my conscience kicks in.
Somewhere after August 6th, Pasqualina Azzarella e mailed me a story
about her own activities, titled "Tulips and 2 by 4s" that appeared in the
New York Times.
So, here it is August 21, and I have still not done anything past reading the
title, which I thought cried out to be used.
but now Luci's phone call had created a vacum in an opportune place.
I sat at my computer and began in the next thirty minutes to read the NY
Times story and discover its power and relevance.
Within those 30 minutes I created web pages to cover the story complete
with a little slide show.
Feeling now a sense of satisfaction at sewing these disparate elements together.
Thinking globally, working locally with whatever comes my way!